Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Line

On Men

Recently someone asked me the first thing I look at when I see a man
I didn't even have to think on it
I have put my eyes on paintings from the great masters
I have known men and they have known me
I have loved and lost and
because of my art, romance is part of my life every day
even if it's not in my life
When I look at a man I always look first at the line
from his neck to his shoulder
The weight of the world rests there

To not acknowledge that we live in a feminist world
would be an awful oversight
I can do the job most men do
but I can't stand up to pee
I can't teach a child to ride a bicycle
and as a woman am awarded certain liberties

If my car breaks down a man will likely stop and ask to help
nobody will ever ask me to move a dead animal
or kill spiders
or fix the garage door, they would just know better
I'd never have to fix a flat
or drain the water from a basement
fight a fire even though I know there are women who do these things
I don't have to
its not my experience
its so far removed from my life I don't even think about it
and I like it that way

I marvel at men
men of dignity and honor and grace
the way they move
when they make you comfortable
when they calm your jittering hands
when you crash into them and your body can rest
when you look for them when you are coming
unglued and gluing you back is something
they just know

I understand this isn't all men
and picking those that don't have it together
can be a rush
to be in control, to own it
but when we are making those choices we know we are
choosing beneath us just because it's easy
those men you don't have to be anything special around
as they will give you an inch a mile, their whole lives

but when you fine one of those lines
one of those strong fine lines
the man who wears a suit like he's born in it
when you watch him charm women
with bright eyes and a quick smile
making them at ease
putting their hand in the small of your back
and leading you around the room
you just know they can conquer your heart
you know what they say will be true
or maybe you just want it that way
they will take you dancing, twirling around like mad
you will love them and if you are lucky
they will let you love them

You can cry on that line
you can smother it with little kisses
he can carry you horseback style over
water puddles in your finest silk heels
you can dance on his heart and he will recover
you can pout and he will be strong
you can scream in the night and he will arrive
unafraid of even you

Oh the magical line that holds the world
that solves the crime
that makes us all believe that there is
truth and grace in the world

I lost a saturday, so can you. You can't find it if your eyes are closed. You can't see if if you are angry or hurt. He can't possibly embrace you if you are embroiled in self doubt or worry or even melancholy. When you are watching it will sit quietly on your shoulder and then scoop you up and make you whole.

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