Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been off television for awhile now and so to turn on the TV this morning just to see the news conference of the two American reporters being released from a Korean prison was a celebration. Standing in front of the Washington Monument making the announcement, being reunited with their families. President Clinton is a hero. He went to North Korea to bring American citizens home saving these women from a life of oblivion. It is comforting to see a hero again there seems so few left but maybe it's like love, you have to look for them.

So this morning a little post about heroes

Heroes are usually democrats (just saying)
Heroes can see things in shades or gray rather than black and white
Heroes pull over in traffic when you have a flat even if it makes them late
Heroes dont let people threaten them or bully them
Heroes defend our country despite their political views
Heroes go into burning buildings while others are running out
Heroes fess up when they are in trouble
they know that wrong won't last forever
and coddling someone too much will only ruin them
they risk being loved superficially for being loved whole heartedly
they stand up when others are being stepped on
they feed hungry people and try not to use french onion soup as a seasoning
they cry easily but not for long
they move to a new place where they don't know a soul to make a dream work
(yes I have a brave best friend)
they fight through when they have no strength, when their will is low and they
are tired
(yes some less than faithful men are brave and are heroes)
Heroes swim with sharks
they write when the words make their throat choke
they sing when they are off tune
they throw their coat on the ground so a woman won't get her feet wet
they don't cry when their best friend is going home even though they want to
they save your life when your heart stops
they can put themselves second when it means there is a greater good
they come to your house and dig a garden
heroes put down the crack pipe, the drink, the beautiful blonde that doesnt' love them
just because they need to look up to themselves again

There is room for all of us to be a hero. Today I am off to the farmers market to plan for my dinner party. I have listed new work and will continue to do so before I leave. You can always find me at and my work at


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