Friday, March 26, 2010

Old Movies

or not so old. I love the way lovers talk to one another, friends speak to one another, how they share of themselves. Best Friend and I talk in almost broken phrases because we are jamming so much in we can't wait to get to the next thought and then when it's slow and hard to spit out I know and she knows that the world is moving a little too quickly and we need some time just to manage the thoughts while the other listens and offers up what they know the solution to be. It's hard to KNOW when the world is moving in and it's in those quite moments you can figure out the world. I wrote of this yesterday and oh how I love those whispers. So I was thinking last night when my head was full of love that I wanted to share a few love stories, some you may have seen, others maybe not and share what moves me to tears or just makes me comfortable. I will start with The Girl In The Cafe. This is really one of my favorite movies and it's because I love the way these two lovers speak to one another, their secret dates, it's like being a voyeur and I love watching. This post is for my writing muse Will, hoping he appreciates the dialogue that I love so much.


The English Patient is one of those few movies that I actually like better than the book and I read the book a few times to be sure. This scene I love the most because he fell in love when she told a story he knew and she fell in love when he taught her something she didn't know. For me, I know that is why I love brilliant men because they teach me something of the world you won't learn in a class room. For example, did you know that in Germany if you are asked to play hand ball and you lose the game, if the ball is too squishy, its not really a loss, its more of a draw and the loser was probably going to buy the beer in the first place.


When I first saw My Brilliant Career, I was much younger and I fell in love with the movie and probably a little with Judy Davis. I think the whole world must love her smile and her spirit. It taught me that there is a woman men and women look at one another and without many words can find love.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Out Of Africa, mostly because its a true story and Dennison writes so beautifully. Her Winter Stories move my heart. I like this scene the most even though I am fond of them dancing or on safari and what woman doesn't like to watch Redford wash her hair? This is my favorite though because it's the poem of the "To an athlete dying young" a beautiful poem and I thought of her mostly missing Dennys, even when he was alive he was gone so often and it proves that love doesn't change when someone is away, it's a constant, someone is then your constant companion.

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