Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Be Daring


–verb (used without object) have the necessary courage or boldness for something; be bold enough: You wouldn't dare!

"Don't you dare" he said
"leave me" when I hung up
When Summer is fading into fall
you wonder if the branches
hold on to the orange leaves with every
last bit of might or do they dare let go
and relish the idea of sleeping
through winter's storm

"I'll fix it" he whispered
"I can and I will"
He's brave, holding on
fighting the good fight
and I'll let him because he is Zeus
the oak tree in the pantheon of my garden
and I am perched on his scepter
like a song bird and I like the view

When he holds me there
in the moment when I am sure
I am unsure
he will tell me to let go
and remind me me
that even the Gods
love silly girls
and the secrets they carry
in their little lockets

To dare is to be bold
to wear red lipstick
to teeter totter in boots
to sing right out loud
when your throat is burning so
and i always think I am going away
and one day I will
When i am far away he will use
a compass as big as a sun dial
to find me and bring me home

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