Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Need and Want

I need to see you soon

I need to see you soon
it's been awhile since someone's touched me
the way you do and oh how you do
and I thought that maybe
I'd known enough love in my life
and that I would be alright
surrounded by paints and books and beads
ok that I'd never let myself want feel this way again
never feel your hand on my throat and your tongue in my mouth
so excited that you touch me
in the places where nobody finds me
finishing my next thought but giving me the room to think it through
and the hope of who you turned out to be
the long awaited answer to prayers unspoken
for fear they'd fall on deaf ears
sometimes if you ask the cost is too much to bear
to hope against all hope and have the nerve to ask for more
you are the secret I've been keeping
when in the middle of the night in my purple room
I dare dream of who he'd be
strong and oh so careful of me

I want to be lost in you
and know lost there is safe
Years ago I took these pieces of me
and waited for a strong wind and set them sailing
scattered so that if some one just an ordinary
anyone found them they couldn't possibly
put them together and expose me
my rounded edge fitting up against
the open place you leave for me
being the perfect fit of effortless this
knowing you're going to help put me together
and show me the parts of me I miss
and miss and miss
the me that feels you push me down
and lift me up at the same time
in your strong arms somewhere is the answer
and I need to see you soon

If this is love's illusion I've swallowed the pill
and it grew a flower I can't ignore
and I am reminded of the power of passion's promise
and the thrill of you
why God made man and why he made me
can they tell in a quiet cafe as we sit
and whisper of nothing ordinary
because ordinary is anything but you
and the afternoon is lost in stolen glances
wanting to see your profile from the corner of my eye
wanting to rip the buttons of your shirt
wanting you over and over in ways we've imagined
when you were alone and I was here alone
surrounded by people alone wondering where you were
and what had been keeping you
will they know all I want to do is be alone with you
to loose a day inside your blue eyes
to see the world in the glorious curve of your lips
and listen to you talk to me
because I love the way you talk to me
and I need to see you soon

Come close to me and I will tell you why women
are drawn to your kind nature
and the thunder of your laugh when you let go
and laugh in my ear
and I am lost in the sound wanting you so
in my bed when I wake
and in my heart while I fall asleep
and let the thoughts of you crowd my head
pushing away the monsters I create
and making them seem little in comparison to your towering kindness
when you are my ballast, when I can't feel the ground
and you lead me through the fire
and the dance of you swirling around me
I need your hand drawing me to your chest
dancing quietly in the room where we are alone at last
I need you and I need this
let me lay across your shield and plant the seeds of me there
to keep you warm when I'm away
cause we'll live a life of away ya know
just touching finger tips now and again
feeling God shine on us in brief moments of happy
and then back to our lives yours there and mine here
and in between
I need to see you again
I need to see you again
I need to see you again

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