Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dirty White Boy

The Love of My Life

There he is, my baby. We had kittens here. His sister is off causing trouble somewhere she likes to steal the yarn when I knit and she loves and I mean loves to knock things over full of water, so leaving a water glass next to the bed is never a good idea. They are both about 2 months old now and I'm not sure I can part with them. When I am up in the morning and checking emails and planning my day, Dirty White Boy likes to crawl in my sweater or my work out jacket and find his way close to my heart and nap there. He and Baby One (his sister's temporary name, maybe) take turns sleeping on my hip while the other sleeps on the red rug next to my bed. It's soft and they like soft places.

I wasn't feeling well last week and when I made my way upstairs to take a little name Baby One was waiting for me. She's gray and doe eyed and wonderful to watch play. She was the first down the stairs from the third floor where her mom "the dog" took her to get strong. She hid them up there and when I would climb the stairs to find them on one of Richie's old comforters she would lay on top of them to keep them warm and to keep them from wandering all over. After a few weeks they'd play so hard they'd start to head down the stairs and would tumble down and my life was being a cat elevator taking them back upstairs. Now you ask yourself, why not just get a gate, like a baby gate? The other cats would almost kill themselves to get over the top and the idea of being a cat elevator for three rather than two seemed daunting.

I never thought I'd be one of those people that took photos of their animals and showed them with pride but Dirty White Boy has been the screen saver on my new fancy phone since Christmas. I like the idea of him sleeping there looking like a fallen soldier on the battlefield right next to my bed. He snores. I swear he snores and his little feet move when he's sleeping almost as though even in slumber he needs to find some trouble.

There have been a few offers to make them a home but I don't think i want to separate them they love each other too much and maybe I love them too much also. The summer was a long mess and to have them up there on the third floor in the floor, to lay in the bed or on the floor and have them run the length of my body, stopping so I can kiss their little bellies was pure joy. I love that even now. When I am in the studio working I can hear DWB crying for me in little kitten cries, when he finds me his eyes still full of sleep, something frightened him and all he needs is for me to love him. Some of the time that's all I need also. He never stops loving me. I had a friend offer to keep them both Baby One (She was born first) and Dirty White Boy but he wants to keep them outside and although I tam sure they'd be fine outside I dont want them to be cold, so I know the third floor is warm and I now the rug beside my bed is as well as my right hip. I often rub my right hip when I go to sleep to comfort myself.

Mentioning to someone you'd like them to rub your right hip can get you in way over your head (don't ask me how I know this). Big Big trouble but pure joy. I woke up from a nap the other day and both the babies were sleeping on my stomach and I just had this feeling they would be mine forever and ever and ever. I can't wait to take them to the garden this summer and watch them dig in the cat nip. Leroy, their daddy did a fine job he always loves me best.


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