Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Best Friend Poem


So while talking to The Best Friend
she's always THE not a and she's always mine
I asked her for a word, something
that's been floating through that oh so serious
sometimes and never serious about anything
other times head of hers

Through the gray matter that I often
describe as a tiny mouse on a rollercoaster
in the dark, space mountain, just the screaming
just the thrill of the ride and then
"Hey Buster, get out, you're done, get your shoes
the ride's over."

She thinks of this word because thinking is what she does
she ponders, turns it around, tries it on over and over
if you buy a pair of shoes and you haven't walked down
the shoe aisle a few times turning this way and that
those shoes will never work
they will be the shoes you didn't think about just enough

So she's thinking in my ear and finally
"Ok, I've chosen my word, ya ready?"
Levity, because of the ity
and because of the lightness and wonder

So this is a poem about Sunday mornings
and about Best Friends and about sipping tea
and talking of nothing ordinary
Make a new friend, let me show you how
Don't be mad when he doesn't call
I think I'll make chicken soup today
and let's have more levity

Let's not make the world's problems ours
"Do you think the chicken will just march here
and offer up it's tender life on the altar of my stove?"
Let's not create any monsters today
I don't have a broom long enough to kill them
Let's not carry any burden we don't have to carry
because tomorrow is a holiday
and on holidays we don't need the baggage

MLK had a dream
he stood there, talked about it
he took them from Martin Luther she reminds me now
repackaged them
and sold them to us over again
and we believed cause sometimes
you just want to believe and if you believe hard enough
they turn it into a holiday
and you get the day off
to goof off, look for shoes, dance around in your panties
listen to madonna

His dream turns into ours
a few stolen hours of time
when time is kicking your ass over and over again
and when it does
when you are sure your boobs will be even flatter tomorrow
when you're looking for a gray hair somewhere
and you dont have to look too far
when it's raining and she opens the patio doors
so you can hear it rain there
so you can hear a piece of his life
here in your house
where the little white kitten
has taken up residence in my robe
and I'm not sure I am ready to move him
or myself
just yet

Call your best friend. If you dont have one, make one. Call someone you love, find them, touch them, have lunch with them and I will be envious of you for a few moments because I miss my best friend today enough to write a poem, call her 10 times, send her a box of tea bags, tell her I love her a few times. Take care of you.


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