Monday, May 23, 2011

The Gift Of Spring

The warm sun felt good on the back of my neck
but it wasn't an indication of Spring
I had been waiting for Spring for what seemed like forever
and I wasn't going to be fooled by the soft air
or even the tulips pushing their pretty faces into the world
Even digging in the earth, throwing seeds around
and hoping for some warm rain
I didn't believe it was Spring
The calendar has been wrong before
and brightly colored eggs would be no indication of anything
and then today, time with you
that time I hold sacred like a holy flame
those moments that let me exhale
the window above my head open
blowing a calm through my room
and you were there whispering my name in low tones
and it felt like a carpet ride
and we were navigating a boat, wait I mean a shhhippppp
well you were
and closed my eyes and we were sailing
dragging my hand through the cool water
and the sun playing games in your hair
past the pier where we'd sat before watching the sun close
waiting for fire flies to dance on the water glittering on your hands
and finally Spring had arrived
and as you moved the earth you move me
I wouldn't listen for a frost warning
I exhaled and Spring filled my lungs
and I could only let go because I knew you loved me
behind the door others were waiting
the world was waiting
and you were busy wrapping up a new season
and I think I will wear the bow in my hair
and the memory of your kiss on my cheek

I was so shy to inquire
If you would like tea sometime
Then in my Mercury
Hand on hand, hand on knee, mercy mercy mercy me


"Don't underestimate the things I will do."

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