Tuesday, May 3, 2011

But God I love you

"But, God I love you."
He loves me too or else he wouldn't have shared you
"You are my touchstone."
and I could think of nothing else kinder
to be the landing spot of your right hand
for moments after it's said
I am no longer me, just an extension of you
a limb, a finger that turns the page
that pulls on your socks
and brushes the hair from my face
and as lovers do you are part of me
like some book I've read a hundred times
the teacup that my grandmother drank from
when she told us stories of my grandfather
that man she loved who used my brother's name before
If I linger longer with you
I may lose whatever energy I have to do anything else
but love you
lost in whispered thoughts of the great injustices of the world
and that contrast to time spent with you
the sublime joy of it
and if the rest of the world took notice
to those two lost in each other
they'd stop and wonder why I can't stop kissing your bottom lip
ask why I call you Zeus
and when you smile it will all come very clear

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