Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eliot in the Rain

I wish it would stop raining
and before you lecture me about Spring flowers
I know how to water the garden
but it's hard to warm your soul
when it just rains and rains and rains
When all you want is to feel warm
and dig in the dirt
digging out the worms and making a pile
for the daring mother robin
who will land close unafraid
to feed her chirping chicks

and may I land next to you?
mighty Zeus who commands all he sees
and more importantly all who see him
Yes while others are waiting for you
I could keep you company
read you poems from my head
read of Eliot's mermaids
or St. Vincent Millay's lost lovers
perhaps a little Emily because you too
may be sick of the rain
sometimes we feel the same thing
but lately it's more a coincidence
than a commonality of spirit

Let's build a raft and ride down the Mississippi
stopping at southern small towns to eat waffles
and talk of nothing ordinary
finishing in New Orleans sipping chikory coffee
and I will whisper that you're fine river rafting company
and you will call me that thing you call me
that makes my heart jump a little
and I will be your young female deer
if only because you won the prize
and I got to watch them carry you on their shoulders home
celebrating in a fashion fit a King

Perhaps tomorrow the rain will stop
the sun will shine down on my garden
and the flowers living there
maybe just maybe you'll be of kind spirit
and generous soul
and you'll look for me
and we will have one of those hour long talks
in the hoftgarten
and Eliot will join us and we can speak on April's cruel rain
on May sun
and on June love.

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