Tuesday, July 6, 2010

She Blooms

And she blooms

He loves her through the whole winter
because he sees something in her
even she's forgotten
He stands over her in the rain
and when the sizzle of lightning fills her head
she can hear him whisper in low tones
and she knows anything uncomfortable is temporary
and you grow and grow and grow

He sighs when she's wonky
because a wonky girl is finding her way
and he will be there to celebrate when she's home
and he can figure twenty one grams on a bike
and she grows

He has the power to make her wet
to let his sun shine down on her
and convert all that divine wetness to food
and by God's design
love can change an afternoon and even a flower
for the rest of her life
love love love

So today he kept a promise like a sacred flame
turned a few forgotten days
into the tender rain
and she remembers that if you drink and drink
you can also drown
but she can swim and loves when he's around

when no one noticed
when the wind blew just right
when he tells her she's perfect
when he whispers good night
it didnt make a noise
not even a sound
she closed her eyes
she held her breath
and when his hand slipped around her neck
she bloomed

The rose is from my garden and it's thorns tore my thumb to shreds.


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