Monday, July 12, 2010


Even when I'm angry I will leave a trail
of bread crumbs to find my heart
I can't shut doors, never could
the brave will find their way
and what would I drop?
if I knew you were hungry I'd drop
french baguette with a little melted cheese
if I knew you were hungry intentionally
avoiding food, avoiding any comfort because
you like the challenge of seeing if you can
push the 20 percent if you can push and push
and oh how I love when you push

If I thought you were bored I'd leave a trail
of poetry
little snippets of this and that
Eliot's lost afternoon of hysteria
or the mermaids of Prufrock
Perhaps little pieces of Emily
and you'd know it was her because she wrote of hope
and the birds
and butterflies
She waited like I do, winding the months in little balls
letting the days pass as days tend to do
and wishing and loving you

And if you thought fun had passed you by
I'd create a game and leave the pieces strewn
like love letters all over the pavement
you could be Romeo and I will be Juliet
and we can be on the porch
playing a game of romance
where the only prize is this girl's heart

If I believed for a moment you had given up hope
in mankind and nature
I'd leave you a trail of flowers
flowers in every shape and size
flowers from the islands
and flowers from Paris
not just their pedals, their brilliant colors soon to die
instead I'd plant a row of flowers, all in blues
and greens one for each eye to see
in rows forming a path to where my heart would be

If you were feeling love had slipped through your hands
the hands that can jerry rig a radio to work
without a battery but just a potato from some child's lab
I would cut hearts from the red red paper
I'd cut them with a child's scissors so I wouldn't
cut myself on the tips
and on every heart I'd write something I love about you
I'd write of your gentle spirit
of your laugh like thunder
or the way you will throw rational aside
just to love me, the wonky girl with a crooked heart

If i thought you were weary, weary from a world
that moves like a carousel around and around
so fast you are afraid to touch your foot to the ground
for fear you'd fall
not afraid of the pain of falling
afraid that someone would notice and wonder
then I'd leave a path herbs
herbs grown by the Gods in heavens we cant see
herbs of such intoxicating scent you'd fall
under their spell and perhaps under mine
and over me

and when you were fed and reminded of love's possibility
when you were covered in flowers and
taking a rest on my left breast
with a heady head full of poetry and stolen time
I'd whisper to you thoughts to make you forget about duty
the world would stop and the clouds would linger
we could live life in those few moments
every dream at the tip of your finger
each thought understood before you spoke it
every fear banished when love broke it
and there for a moment or a hundred years
you'd be mine
with a belly full of bread
and a heart full of rhyme

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