Monday, March 17, 2008

All Things New

As an artist the excitement of learning a new technique or a new material can be overwhelming. When I saw the little hand felted animals at a local art fair, I was intrigued and finally this weekend put down some beads and picked up my little kit and started felting. Wow. It is so much fun. I find crocheting very calming, comforting a way to wind down my day. Hand felting brings you to a softer quieter time in life when women did hand needle work as a way to wind down their day, those few stolen moments when they could make something wonderful that would be handed down to people they loved as an example of their talent. My first piece was the little cheshire cat. We've been full of cat fun lately since the new hog entered our life running back and forth across the house stealing socks running on to some new adventure.

Then the Mermaid. I posted a photo of her flowing red hair and all her little danglies of fun. Learning something new is such a thrill, an affirmation of life, a different life that one finds just by opening a door that we either ignored or avoided. When I am learning something new I feel more alive, more full of light and more willing to share some of the light I have with someone else. That sense of excitement leaking into today taking me to the studio earlier than ever, working on some new jewelry designs, and pouring through a bag I found at the Goodwill. I like passing through our local Christian family goodwill to look for little ideas, something old to make new again. I left with some china tea cups for a new project, some old worn leather belts and a little wood trinket box. In the next few days I will change these old objects into something new, into my art, my passion. I will enter a world of something new and I am more than glad that I can share that world with you. You can always find my work at Ebay my store there is Carrie's Dream, but I welcome you to check out (WE ALL LOVE ETSY!) and do a buyer search for summerpoet studios and my work will pop up. You can always find me at and of course, here.

Today, there is something waiting for you to find it. I'm not sure if it's a book, a piece of wool, or those knitting needles you purchased years ago that you refuse to throw out because you know between those needles and your hands there is some wonderful creation waiting for you and for the world. I encourage you to put work, kids, housework, anything that hinders you from being an artist aside just for a few minutes and throw some effort into that secret life that sustains us. Take care and wear your ART! With much love, Carrie.

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