Saturday, April 5, 2008


Spring has finally sprung and I have been doing a little spring cleaning and just enjoying the fact that for a few hours a day I can open a window and get some fresh air into the house. While I was bustling about I caught the new kitten checking out a little of the world, some bunnies and a few curious squirrels. Spring is such a time of excitement, time to plant, a time to spend more time outside. After the winter we've had full of snow and ice it felt good to feel nature creep back into the house. I was so inspired I started creating jewelry in the colors nature gives us so freely, color mixtures I have never thought of before. We marvel at a pink blossom on a green branch rotted in black black dirt but the idea of putting pink with green and black hadn't really occurred to me. Mixing purple with green and then throwing in a splash of orange doesn't seem a beautiful color combination until you see one of the beautiful Hawaiian flowers blowing softly in the wind.

Nature gives us so many lessons. She's a forgiving mistress, guiding us to what naturally works in our lives even when we are resistant. I find myself wanting to eat better, take care of myself more and gear up for a little summer fun when the days are long and when we welcome the dark because it's a break in the heat. I marvel at nature, sit and wonder how I fit into the whole spinning earth and her messages. Take time to wonder today, it's really good for the soul. Until next time, Carrie.

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