Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What would a rat terrier do?

Every time I see a what would Jesus do? sign I think...Jesus would tell you to shut up and get on with the business of living. Why is it that people who least should be speaking of Jesus are ready to use his name in some insane argument? Perhaps because it's election time this strikes me as funny. I dont want a candidate telling me what God tells him to do. God is busy. He's busy in the Sudan and probably Missouri, or at least he should be. God has his hands full with huge world crisis stuff. Half of Kenya has AIDS and we hardly blink an eye. God is working on bigger issues than whether or not someone cut you off on your way to work or told you to leave them alone. My Angel mother used to tell us, 'Don't do anything you wouldn't do if I were watching." Amen. Instead of worrying how to cleanse our sins, all those naughty little transgressions that in the long run only wind you up in your own personal hell because the world will avoid you, why not just try harder? It seems so simple and I have to think that Jesus is tired of hearing about your personal issues. Perhaps he's the type of manager who just expects you to behave like an adult and handle your matters so you don't make him look bad.

I have been making all kinds of personal jewelry for people who love their kids, their dogs, their family so much that they want them in a little memorial you can wear on your wrist. Well, I have a new patron who asked me to make an altered art book for a dear friend she'd be visiting soon. What a strange feeling, to have someone that is almost a stranger send you photos of someone else's life, yet another stranger and ask you to entertain them, touch them emotionally and put on paper a friendship that took years to establish. It was exciting. His smile was so beautiful, like the sun and in all these photos his arms were outstretched welcoming in the world. I put on a little S. Crow and jammed out, drawing and painting, gluing little photos to this and that and it made this dreary winter just a little brighter. I could feel the days getting longer and I just know that this time when the snow melts Mother Nature will wave her magic wand and bring on the green grass and some of those tiny pieces of green that signal the tulips.

I haven't updated in a few days as I am just kicking the flu's ass and have been swamped with Etsy orders. Have I touted the joy of Etsy lately? What a wonderful place to find some amazing art. I found a new artist there who tells little stories on a bracelet. I am fascinated by her work and if you are interested, just email me and I will send you a link. The pieces look like a little history book on your wrist. A few days after I find her (she wrote me a great note) I look and the gimping granny is stealing her art. Ha. It may take her awhile to feel "flattered" that she's being copied so someone who never had the great idea can make some cold hard cash. That's the line she gives us all, "Hey feel great that I took your idea, if it was a bad idea I'd still be making someone else's art." That's the risk isn't it? Put your love, your joy, your art into the world and not only wonder how it will be received but then worry if someone will make a bad knock off. Without risk there is no reward. If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad? If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. If it makes you happy then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO SAD? - S. Crow. If it makes you that happy why the justification? I just will never get some people.

So put it out there, your heart. Trust someone will take an idea you have and make it magic and send it on to someone you love. Pick up the phone today and tell someone you love how much you love them and not worry about how they will respond or what they will think when you hang up. Grab your kid when they walk by and hug them so hard they wonder if you are going to tell them you won't be paying next semester's tuition bills. Imagine the next time Jesus were to gaze down upon the earth instead of listening to all the crying for help, pleading to hear this or that he heard people whispering, shouting, singing, praying that their heart is so full of love it could burst? I will always pick love. Love wins. Love changes the earth. Love will turn sorrow into joy and love may even melt all the snow.

In Art and Love, Carrie.

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