Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I found a penny and picked it up
and wished and wished and wished for luck
it sat in my pocket and when I had three
you were there again reminding me
that if you wake in the middle of the night
you get an extra night's sleep because
you see we have no real concept of time
as it overlaps from me and then to you
and we are set into the universe floating there
your love, my gravity
your passion the only velocity ever measured
in the push of your hips
and then then time filling up life
until I fall again

A heart doesn't really beat
it wrings itself out when its full
expelling what it's known to the end of our fingers
then opens up to take in something new
and when you were through my arotic valve
my love
you changed it's sound
and I can't get enough of your song
so find me in this dream
wake me now and let me have another night with you
alone, just us two on the edge of a star
turning star dust to red wine

When I am uncertain that love is real
I can hear the words we shared last night
a conversation nobody else in the world was having
nobody could
and I wonder what is pushing my blood
this way and that because I know
I lost my heart to you all over again
and again
with just a sigh and I wonder why
more people aren't doing it
falling that is when it seems as though
love is all around us you almost have to look past it
not to see it

Put a seed in the ground and it nourishes the world
like that little seed you put in my head
late late at night when you crept in my room
found the kitten key came upstairs
and planted yourself right under my skin
filling any quiet moment with you, just you
warming winter snows and when spring finally arrived
filling my world with such color


The photo is of a rainstorm recently outside my bedroom window. The video below just makes me happy and wanted to share the music and the images.

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