Friday, June 4, 2010

And while looking for flowers in the nursery, he calls. I was lost in the call happier than I could remember being happy. He told me he loved me. I believed him. I woke feeling a little tired had an early meeting and found myself among the flowers. I hadn't been to this particular nursery yet and there at my feet was all I needed. I have been just adding a few flowers here and there this year. Among the flowers, I added a few vegetables, some seeds, some herbs, loads of herbs for nurturing, healing foods.

Yes the photos are from my garden. I made the bird bath with an old plant stand and a platter I found at an estate sale that I kept thinking I'd use for something and just sadly didn't. There's a dancing girl in there who dances in the wind, some gem flowers and a really old bird feeder hanging from the pot that I really love. This sort of garden is easy because the ground is soft and I can fill in with mulch around the annuals. I really love the little ivy and the herbs here and there that add shape and form around the colors. I picked blue and purple and pink as a color start this year because I love pansies it makes everything feel victorian. I planted some morning glory seeds and as soon as they produce a flower I will post some photos because they are my favorite flower.

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Dennis said...

Beautiful garden and I am sure it convey alot of you.I wish I were in the garden working with you!
Thanks for sharing it with us.