Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sea of Love

You see and I'm not sure that you do
that there are so many things I love
that are C things that I wanted to list them
in my head and for the gentle reader here

I love cupcakes, hell I love cake of any kind
I've never seen a cake I'd dislike
cake is the perfect food, it's sweet
its pretty and when it slides down your throat
you are usually celebrating something

I love to collect things, not things that
would belong in a collection
Collecting is hoarding's gentler cousin
and if you asked me sweetly I'd show you
my collection of buttons, beads, old post cards
and single pieces of china for picnics in the summer

Sean Connery. I love Sean Connery, Bond James Bond
Yes, my dirty little secret is out
He captures my heart even though my sweet niece Katie
is sure that all Scottish men become old and spitty
or snotty and something

The Food stuff? Carrots cooked and dipped in honey,
cabbage oh gods I love cabbage
cream of wheat, candied yams, anything candy
chicken, hell Best Friend and I have traveled to
the land of cheese several times for really good chicken

I love Crayons, the possibility of their color
flying from a child's hand to create a universe
all of their own, with purple cows and green dolphins
swimming in oceans of blue fish

Cups of Tea, dainty cups, big hot mugs of tea
oolong tea not because of how it tastes
but because I love to whisper I am drinking oolong tea
Drinking tea on the sofa with my Best Friend
is my most favorite thing to do and she likes the cups
with very thin frail edges and I think that's why
she loves me too

When I am listening to the music in a symphony
I crane to listen for the cymbal
it's the crash after the crying violins
the moment you anticipate in the Nutcracker ballet
when you know something has either gone terribly
right or tragically wrong

I love calls in the middle of the night
just when you are fall fall falling into
sleep when your breathing has changed
when you are in that dream place of
oh could you really walk a tight rope over traffic
while your Best Friend shouts up to you
"What in the hell are you doing up there?"
and you nod back holding an umbrella in a very knowing manner
so she knows to start the engine for the truck
full of chickens and then
the phone rings
when we were 28 the phone rang like this every night
but we didn't really sleep then
and it was always something somewhat urgent
and completely out of control and I don't really like control

Calls in the middle of the night are the moments
that change your life
I fell in love!
I wrecked the car when I took that turn
just a little too quickly
I am lost and need you to find me
I am found and need to be lost again
Very rarely are one of those calls from someone
that doesn't know you
it's someone who needs you and you need them
and it wouldn't matter when they called
but knowing it's in the middle of the night means they love you

My dad was Charles so I loved him first
but I love many
Dickens' expectations, Bukowski's pain and poetry,
Darwin's science, Watts when he's playing for Mick
drum drum drumming

And of course in the course of my day
I will look for you, so brilliant
and I will mention as I always do that I wrote a poem
of things I love, cotton candy and Colorado
and oh let's not forget Chocolate, any kind of chocolate
and I will ask if you have read it
and you will say yes, just a simple yes
and I will know that you love a C too
just not as much as I do

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greeneginger said...

Everything is so pretty!!! I enjoy visiting your blog. I am sure that i found you on Etsy at one time or the other.
Love Translucent Words, not that i can see through them but i can see in them;)
Hugs and Magic~