Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day - Better late than never

So Rich was home from school a week before and then the week after mother's day because of finals. We planted loads of flowers and started the vegetable garden. I think this year I am only going to play flowers, herbs and tomatoes. In the past I haunted the farmers market looking for tomatoes to make the perfect tomato sauce for pasta. So this year I am hoping to have enough basil and tomatoes in the garden that I won't have to venture far to make the sauce and I do love to make the sauce.

I can't believe how another year of higher education has made him more mature, more willing to help out around here when he is home and more equipped to handle decisions. The pursuit of his education makes me the proud mom but the little tweeks in his personality regarding being more polite and more of a gentleman makes me oh so happy.

When he's working in the garden I can still see him as a little boy at the lake house on a pile of sand playing for hours and hours, his friends coming and going and late into the evening covered in sand and ready for food and a shower being all tanned and in the morning ready to play again. Yesterday we had lunch with Best Friend's mom and her brother and it felt like being home. I love to watch Rich dote over his grandma and I can't wait to venture home soon for a visit with the rest of the nieces and nephews and now grand nieces and the such. I'm not sure when they grew up but they did and I love being part of their lives. Each of them feels a little like my own child and their complex natures really do make me want to be close to them and figure them out. Each of them have so much going on. I am venturing home to celebrate my nephew graduate from med school and yet a niece is leaving for germany, one just arrived home from italy, there's a new baby to hold and cuddle, and I miss them all so much that I am going to hug them very hard.

Business stuff is clicking right along. April was the best month I've ever had but I think most of that was some very large wholesale orders. Etsy is clicking along just fine (I will write more about this in my next post) and I am working on two new lines, a clothing line I've been working on part time in stolen spare moments forever and a line of baby hats like you've never seen before. I am the elf in the shop working on those and for those of you that have noticed, I've let my listings spin down a little as I have hundreds of new new new designs I am posting soon. I have been making and just waiting for a little etsy marketing move before I list them. Now that that has happened, look for them. I have a whole new line of earrings that are over the top and I purchased hundreds and thousands of vintage watch cases that I am going to fill with some wonderful treasures. I am also going to start playing more with resin and the kawaii fun stuff and adding them to my store. You all know I love having new things working through my studio to offer to new and existing customers. I have sold more custom photo pieces than ever before so if you are looking for a one of a kind gift you should let me know. The bracelets make a wonderful gift for a new bride filled with photos of either her wedding party of people who couldn't attend the wedding to let them know they are still close to her on her special day. I can however fill a piece with your art, your children, your pets, your travel photos for a one of a kind keepsake. You can always contact me at and you can find my work at I am always open to wholesale orders.

Thanks for spending this time with me, Carrie.

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