Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Favorite Things

Moon Struck Magic

It's that time of the year again where we anticipate what others will love and what we want to share of ourselves. I make it a practice that when I sell something on Etsy I try to give back to the community of artists there and make a purchase of supplies or something for myself. So I find this peppermint foot cream and the cool part about it? It's in a tube that you roll on like deodorant. No more greasy hands when you are trying to make your feet nice and soft. I was so excited when the mail arrived and my treasure way to treat myself was at my house I could barely stand myself.

The funny thing about how we treat ourselves is that we tend to just "get used to" the products we buy from the market and seldom think about the time and energy we put into the joy we have in our daily lives using those products. I am a victim of this circumstance myself. I tend to just do what is easiest and fastest so I can get on with the taking care of business part of my life. What a shame. Then I get this little package in the mail from one of my new favorite sellers. If you haven't check this out yet, you can find her here...http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=41580. Along with my very wonderful minty foot cream that makes my feet fell oh so good was this little bag with a sample of New York spa soap. I was working when I opened the package and I kept stopping what I was doing to stop and sniff the little bag with a sliver of soap that smells like a little vanilla, a little mango and loads of goodness. I was hooked. I kept asking myself, "Why haven't I been pampering myself with this goodness before now?" It's because we don't think of pampering ourselves in even the most basic aspects of our lives. My life is moving too fast. That's what I gained from this little find, that piece of information.

The maker of this wonderful goodness? She's a single mom an inspiration, a healer. She doesn't use detergents or harmful dyes and her healing hands create something that makes our lives better. What a wonderful thought. This handmilled soap, made in someone's kitchen in New York (the beginning of everything wonderful in the world.) and when I am taking a bath or a shower I have a piece of her there in my tub taking care of me. What a great job. I stop and tell everyone I see that they should try this soap. So this holiday season when things are overwhelming, when you have packages to wrap and cookies to bake, when your children are being snotty and the focus of the entire season seems out of whack and you just need a little time where it's warm away from all the white noise, be prepared. Have a little stash of magic hidden in your vanity waiting for you to sink into a tub and take care of yourself. I love to rub the back of the soap bar on my skin because it has oats in it and it just takes away the bad stuff and makes me feel soft and pink again. You'll be a new person ready to tackle a trip to the mall when there is no parking and grumpy relatives.

Thanks for spending this time with me. If you have an interest in my art you can find me at poetsummer.etsy.com and of course you can always email me at summerpoet@msn.com. Take care you and yours and enjoy the holidays as they pass by so fast. Remember, if you are buying soap to take care of you, buy a few extra bars to take care of someone you love. Carrie.

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